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Don't Leave Him In Darker Skies


The invisible boy exists in

a darker night than before

where the day robber traces

stains in the sky.


His heart continues drumming

fading in out in out in out in

scratching up filthy memories.

Samantha Harris checking   NO

and the great refutation of 6th grade

love at the hands of Jordan Johns.


Tables turn all the time and

too often to escape vinyl blackness.

His heart is a ghost in light,

seen only by his maker and the dimness

the candle lit on his last night with Nathan.


Nathan, the great excuse maker,

left                 Harry Potter’s cloak

and the boy still enfolds in unseen wonders.

He’s spun this account too often for light.


Do bittersweet remembrances ever

lose the sweet and melt to nasty flavors?

Does a wild heart tame by 40?

Or is it buried as treasures and secrets?


Time, the greatest fool,

bargains his best years for the

moonglow to hide the paper smile,

burns holes through his ribs with starlight rods.


The boy, hidden by shade

raises a weak finger up        up          up          up.

Small incandescent glows protrude as

smoke from an out-of-tune tailpipe

billows to the maker.


Don’t him leave this way.

Don’t leave him covered in sky.

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