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What I Know For Sure


There is a God

somewhere by the rainbow top.


He frolics with the weather

potting sunshine in darkness.


Only one life is 

given us.

It will either

sink or float.

Life is a 

row boat.


There are no emergency

exits on earth.

We will all die

in an emergency,

peaceful or not.


Heaven definitely exists

especially when people

use love for 




Black kids

row through more

obstacles than others.

Their boats are likely 


needing repair.


The inside of an orange 

is sweeter than anything known.

Textured little juice

pockets squeeze sunshine

from God to our taste buds.



The sun will set

even on mighty, mighty

Los Angeles September days.

The coolness

a kiss

softer than pink

cotton candy,


but what I know for sure 


we have meaning,

our lives are purposed,


No mistakes here.


There is a God.

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