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Psalm 151: For Victims of Rape


1 There was no one to rescue her,

though her scream was a slaughtered

Zebra in the Kalahari.


2 The congregation's praises drowned in

the wilderness, the girl found in the country

screamed, but there was no one to 

rescue her.


3 Shange says a friend is hard to press 

charges against, if you know him,

but what of a pastor, God's anointed,

who will rescue her?


4 Who, if she is 6, will deliver her on 

Sunday morning, keep her from using 

the bathroom and getting raped

by crucifix?


5 If a girl is found slain, lying

in a field in the Land of the Lord your God,

she is tied up by two big Black tree trunks,

shame, and not wanting her mother to die


at the hands of a rapist who

everyone knows.  6 If she does not please

the master who has selected her virgin

vagina for himself, she is ungodly and no less


worthy of forgiveness than Mary Magdalene.

7 Black girls are a commandment in

churches that make them cover legs with

nylon and sit far        8 stay far away from the pulpit.


9 Loneliness is a refuge for scarred virgins,

those without a voice to scream in the 

country.  10 Jordan is Dinah violated by her

son and given away as a Christmas fir with 

sparse branches. 


11 Daughters, in their preciousness, remain silent 

when having a wooden cross shoved up

their asshole mid-service.  12 Parents continue 

praising, blindly, eager to raise Dove pure girls


while  13 they are raped

in church bathrooms

by faith.

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