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New Poem Alert: Love In Time (For Dark Black Female Singers Past)

Love in Time

The moon caresses blackness to French Blue.

Love is rich, golden crown, lapis royal;

say now as before, Bessie, time loves you.

It signals love awake, the sun pulls through.

Love meets an African foot to soil;

the moon caresses blackness to French Blue.

On the long walk home love is a tattoo;

lives intertwined—drip eucalyptus oil.

As I’ve said before: Nina, time loves you.

Not that love won’t hurt and splinter you cool.

Blackness may come, looking for hearts to spoil;

the moon always turns blackness to French Blue.

Time heals wounds as brand new love passes through;

Sarah breathes breath as two hearts move now embroiled.

I’ve said before, Ella, even time loves you.

If love will last and time will heal—renew;

the night combined with time shall see you through.

The moon caresses blackness to French Blue;

I’ve said this before: even time loves you.

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